You might be exercising and eating healthily but the fact is that your mental state is just as important to look after.

We all live a busy life, with highs and lows. Sometimes, these lows can stay with you for quite some time in which you don’t know how to get out of it and it affects how you feel and act. Stress and anxiety cloud over your judgement leading you to feel all sorts of things.

One in four of us have experienced a mental health disorder at some points of our lives. And a staggering 450 million people currently suffer from such mental health conditions.

I definitely have experienced stress and when I look back at those moments I’ve reflected how I dealt with it and what I could have done differently to ease the situation. Here are a few things I learnt through experience and if you are feeling in any way that your mental health is suffering then please read this:

  1. Stop what you’re doing – By just sitting down in a quiet place and thinking about your current situation and how you are really feeling can help you be in the moment to think of a plan in a clearer mind set.
  2. Talk – Take this from me, bottling everything in doesn’t help. By talking to someone, a close friend, family etc. can make you think out loud how you are really feeling and can cause relief in what you were keeping inside. If you can’t do that then…
  3. Write down your thoughts – It can be hard for people to express their feelings when talking so what I have found useful on many occasions is to write down my thoughts and really break it down into sections: a. What is wrong? b. How am I feeling? c. Will whatever that has happened make a difference in a years time? d. What am I good at? e. What am I grateful for?. Also by writing down what you have i.e. the basic necessities can really shake up how you are feeling.
  4. Go on a walk this works a charm! Trust me! When things seem a bit too much just put on your shoes, perhaps bring headphones to listen to music and just walk around where you are for a good 20-30 minutes. Being out in the open and being in another environment helps me out a lot and really clears any negative thoughts I might be feeling.
  5. What a happy programme – When you’re down it really doesn’t help watching sad films! So what I’d recommend is watching a feel good programme, First Dates is great!
  6. ย Know that the storm will pass and this feeling you have right now will be a thing of the past to make you stronger and a lot wiser of how to deal with situations.ย 


I hope that these little tips as such helped and that you’re smiling reading this as you can get through this.

Please let me know what you usually do in terms of stress management and if you need to talk then I’m here to listen.

Have a lovely Wednesday ๐Ÿ™‚





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