Christmas may be a time of giving and plenty but everyone needs to do their bit to cut down on waste.

This is part 1 of my Zero Waste Christmas segment giving tips on how we can make the most of our Christmas!

  • Picking the right present: Ebay research have discovered that last year 115 million unwanted Christmas presents were received by people in the UK. So this year why not consider picking a gift that is personal for someone such as making them a photo album or even writing a list of “promises”. Spending quality time with someone is such a thoughtful gift than just getting them a generic gift.


  • Packing presents: When you buy products they are most definitely packed in cardboard,plastic, paper etc. So to reduce waste how about removing the product out of the box so that you have time to dispose of the packaging ethically. And instead of wrapping the present in paper you can use textile materials or little felt bags so that the person can reuse this for someone else… perfect!


  • Recycle recycle!: You can recycle scrap cardboard and keep the best boxes for items you might sell online. It will save you time to find a box later on as well as saving you money!


  • Gardening tips: Plastic bottles around your house can be used by cutting the bottle in half and use the top part to protect seedlings from the frost in your garden. You can also be creative by decorating the bottom half to use it as a makeup/pen holder!


I hope that you found this useful! Let me know below if you have any zero waste tips for this festive season!



  1. It may not be a popular gift with everyone, but for those ‘who have everything’ they need, a gift to charity in their name assures the recipient charity can use the gift well. Heifer Int’l is a favorite of mine, it is a gift that keeps giving through their share program.

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