Air pollution is a huge issue in London affecting the well-being of individuals and also to our natural environment.

So it’s fantastic to hear that the iconic Oxford Street will be planning to go car free next year! I’m someone who feels quite agitated when walking along Oxford street no matter what time or day (especially near Topshop!) as it’s just packed with people. Having more space to walk along Oxford Street will feel like a breath of fresh air (no pun intended!).

By next Christmas, a large section of Oxford Street will be completely vehicle free. Plans to reduce car use in the city has been around for some time but this seems like the biggest project yet to tackle air pollution and reduce congestion charge in central London. The proposed project will apparently costย ยฃ60 million and will be implemented to coincide with the launch of Crossrail. This has caused much enthusiasm to the tourist industry.

project phasing and plan.jpg
Proposed transformation timescale of Oxford Street [Credit: Transport for London]

More importantly, here’s to cleaner air and less congested roads! I’m an optimist and see that change is a great thing and that action is finally being taken to tackle such a HUGE environmental issue. Hopefully vehicles will be more aware that closing major roads is a sign that they shouldn’t drive in a busy (but wonderful) city!

For more details, click here for a full overview of the project.



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