Ever heard of using plastic to make a boat? Well you have now!

Plastic pollution causes harm to our environment and marine life and this was happening on the beaches of Lamu island. Plastic pollution is a growing problem, with the UN estimating that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish unless drastic action is taken.

A lot of plastic waste ends up on Kenyan beaches and instead of leaving it there, Kenyan craftsmen have decided to do something about this problem. They are recycling the plastic to make a boat!

Plastic recycled in Kenya
The team in Kenya are hoping to sail to South Africa when it’s finished [Credit: Sky News]

They hope that their innovative concept will encourage more people in Kenya (and most probably around the world) to recycle. They are also hoping to save woodland areas by not cutting trees to build wooden boats.

Once completed, it will be the first boat to be made out of recycled ocean plastic!



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