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If you’ve read my previous posts on here, you might have come across one where I discussed about how fast fashion is harming our environment (Fashion Week – Is it really sustainable?Fashion Week – Is it really sustainable?). Since writing that post it opened my eyes to brands that really tackle the fashion industry issue and makes clothes shopping more sustainable. There are so many inspirational brands that really use sustainable “ingredients” such as Reformation and they are starting to become popular with the fashion industry.

It’s more simple than you think to shop ethically [Credit: Pinterest

When reading articles about how people shop ethically it made me think a lot about my shopping habits and what I buy/look for in items. Here are my secrets to shop ethically from past experience and finding inspiration from other ethical bloggers!

  1. Clothes Swap – When I was at university there was an event which allowed students to swap their clothes with other students instead of chucking it in the bin. This was a fantastic way to meet people and share good quality items! The great thing about this is that you don’t have to be at university to do this – just ask your friends/family/neighbours to get involved!
  2. Solely shopping ethical brands is actually simple – There are so many brands out there and for every clothing item, honest! I want to commit to supporting more of these brands rather than buying items made in a sweatshop and won’t even last long in my wardrobe.
  3. We probably shop more than we think – I’m definitely that person who could spend all day shopping and impulse buys. That can also be online too and I know I’m not the only one! However, when I realised how much I was shopping it made me reconsider so much. By doing the same, it will reduce YOUR carbon footprint and will benefit your bank account! My shopping habits have improved (yay!)  knowing that fashion trends will come and go and that I should only buy clothes that I ACTUALLY need. Count how many items of clothes you buy in a year, you may be surprised!
  4. Less is more – Having lots of items in my wardrobe makes me feel overwhelmed with what to wear at times. I now allow myself to go for higher quality, slightly pricier things that I will admire for longer, saving time and effort looking for something new next time I need something. Actually, having less is great because you can really ‘mix and match’ your outfits and you won’t have a lot of items cluttering your wardrobe.
  5. Vintage does not mean ethical – There is a misconception that vintage clothes are supposedly better than buying in a clothes shop. Buying vintage clothes in bulk due to your newfound enthusiasm does not make you a sustainable fashion consumer.
  6.  Make it last – Not so long ago I realised that people don’t care if I wear the same outfit to multiple events and it was only me that was worrying about it. I’m not saying you wear the one dress to every event but don’t buy a dress for one event only (if that makes sense at all). Reuse it and you’ll be the one starting the trend to re-wear outfits for the better! I’ve done it before and it’s great as you’re wearing great quality clothes again and making the most with your purchase!

I’m not saying  that I’m perfect when it comes to clothes shopping but I have become more aware of where I buy clothes and what I look for in the quality of the item. I do buy a lot less clothes and do prefer second hand pieces based on their uniqueness. (That said, Zara does usually tempt me with their elegant pieces, sorry!).

Baby steps will go along way and I know I have so much more to learn to become a better ethical shopper. I hope that you make more ethical choices when buying clothes (especially as it’s nearing Christmas time).

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!


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