Clocks have gone back which means it’s officially winter in the UK. People might dislike this but I couldn’t be happier with cosy evenings and relaxing after a long day. For my next beauty find I wanted to showcase a product closer to home and that had a sustainable feel to it. Living Sea Therapy is perfect if you like long luxurious baths like me and with the added bonus of it being eco friendly.

Credit: Living Sea Therapy

These products are made from top-quality Cornish sea salt and seaweed, plus environmentally friendly, detergent-free foaming agents. It also supposedly removes toxins, replenishes the skin and balances the mind. Also a blend of mandarin, cedar wood and linden pure essential oils releases a sea fresh fragrance. It’s fantastic to know that local products are vegetarian-friendly, but especially make your body feel super soft and relaxed.

Credit: Twitter

I’m proud to represent and share a wonderful sustainable product that doesn’t disturb the ecosystem and that the main aim is to care for this world. Go check them out!

I’m excited to get these products and try them out, especially the body range!



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