Colgate recommends that we replace our toothbrush every three months. That’s four tootbrushes per person that gets thrown into a landfill each year. I thought that it wasn’t a big deal, but how I was wrong!

Throwing away toothbrushes alone contributes to 300 toothbrushes in our lifetime. And with approximately 7.5 billion people on earth, this heavily impacts our land space.

I want to live a life with less plastic, which is why I got myself an eco-toothbrush by Humble Brush. It’s a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush and the packaging it comes in is recyclable too! What’s even better is that “for every Humble Brush sold, a child in need receives a toothbrush or alternative oral care and education in areas around the world where the need is greatest”. It’s a lovelyΒ  inexpensive product which I’ll be purchasing again.

Credit: Fashion Maniac

If everyone made a small change, together we can make a huge difference. Say no to plastic and live a more sustainable life, as it may very well change your future! Thank you to Humble Brush for helping me embark this zero waste lifestyle change!

Credit: The Natural Smile



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