I’m becoming more aware of zero waste methods and wanting to change my lifestyle around it. The thing that resonated with me is that this eco-friendly lifestyle can start from your front door!ย Environmental issues such as biodiversity loss and climate change are happening RIGHT NOW and planet earth couldn’t be more obvious in asking us to make a change.

I have always been frustrated with the sheer amount of junk mail that I receive and that my recycling compromises mostly of leaflets and flyers that fall through my door, not even addressed to me! I’ve been noticing online from zero waste change-makers, that having a “no junk mail” sticker outside your front door can make such a huge difference in reducing the amount of junk mail falling through the letterbox and reducing the amount reaching recycling! That would save me a lot of time of picking them up and putting them in the recycling bin which just wastes paper and resources.

junk mail.jpg
The estimated cost to towns and cities to dispose of junk mail such as flyers and phone books and other forms of junk mail that gets thrown away is $20 million annually. Shockingly, 65% of the 308,000 tonnes of junk mail thrown away isn’t even recycled (Truth in Advertising) [Image Source: Flickr]

I want to test this out and see what difference it makes. I’m going to update you of the progress – I have a feeling it will be positive!

If everyone were to put this sticker outside their house, then just think of how great it would be to not see junk mail in your letterbox! Something so simple that everything can do will save you time and save the planet!

Have you done this already and seen a change in the reduction in junk mail? Let me know below, I’d like to hear about it.



  1. Great idea, but what does the postmaster do with it at the end of the day? Trashes it most likely, maybe recycles. The best thing is to contact the source. It is time consuming, but can be done. Every time I get a catalog, I call the 800 # and ask to be taken off their mailing list. It takes a while, but eventually the reduction is noticeable. You can also contact non-profits that you give to and ask them to reduce their mailings to you, perhaps only upon renewal or opting for auto-renewal. It saves them money, too. Win/win.

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    1. Thank you for these useful suggestions, especially about contacting non-profits. I definitely agree with you that the best way to reduce paper waste would be to begin at the source. It just takes a bit of action and patience to see the right results. Another possible method that could work would be to send the the junk mail back to the company!


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