Zero waste can be described as a philosophy that encourages all products to be reused and ensuring that nothing is thrown into a landfill or sent to an incinerator. It also promotes using natural products instead of man-made toxic chemicals that could harm individuals and the environment.

There are so many natural, non-toxic cleaning recipes online. But there are essential ingredients that are needed in every household which can be used for many purposes. Once you have these ingredients you are all set and may never need to buy plastic covered, overpriced, toxic cleaning products at your supermarket again.

zero waste natural plastic free organic cleaning cleaners homemade
Cleaning products with a zero waste element [Source: Blogspot]
  • Lemon: This yellow fruit is one of the strongest food-acids and disinfects most household bacteria. That is probably why you see lemon scents added to cleaning products, but it really isn’t for the scent at all!
  • Baking soda: It deodorises your fridge, cleans, softens your water and also acts as a fantastic scourer!
  • Unscented soap: In liquid form, powders or bars, soap is perfect to clean almost every surface and it is biodegradable.
  • White vinegar: Removes odours, stairs, wax-build up and cuts grease.
  • Essential Oils:Β Lemon, lavender, grapefruit, orange etc. for a fresh aroma.
  • Coconut oil/ olive oil:Β The natural oil can furnish wood and give it a lovely shine (minus the chemicals you would find in your commercialised wood furniture polish)
  • Tea tree oil: Acts as a strong disinfectant and removes odours when added to your laundry when washing it. It is also a household cleaner.
  • Cornstarch: Can clean carpets, rugs, polish furniture and also can clean windows.


Cleaning with all these natural and simple ingredients is the way to go, instead of using toxic products just to “clean”! You can still have a clean house and save money with these ingredients and minimise waste too.

I can’t see anything bad with that!

Thank you for reading this, and as always if you have any suggestions or questions feel free to email me or leave a comment below.



      1. We used to struggle with stains in the toilet particularly, now after brush cleaning we pour a cup or so in and let it stand for several hours. Miraculous! It isn’t recommended on metal as it will corrode unless rinsed thoroughly.

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        1. That’s a great tip! I actually need to try this out and see how strong these two ingredients are to clean something on that scale. Thanks again for the tip πŸ™‚ It’s great knowing how to use natural ingredients to the best of their capability.

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